Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rediscovering George Michael

After a marathon viewing of Heroes Season 4 - what a waste of my time! - I needed something else to get the bad taste of my mouth and my mind.... needed to hear/listen to something soothing and calming.... so I was going through the stacks of CDs in the house (swear to GOD I need to get through all of them and recycle or burn some already!)... came across the many, and I mean many, George Michael CDs i have accumulated over the years....

So I stated playing them one at a time - and playing my FAVE songs from each album at least twice.... Brought back many memories.... Not only did I "woke everybody up before I go go" each and every morning... I did the whole WHAM white and neon & feathered hair look in the 80's.... and by the time FAITH came out - I was already wearing the ripped jeans and leather jacket with the fringes... and rocked them all.... hahahahahaha maybe I will be able to find photos still - SCARY!!!

But most of all, made me remember how much I TRULY LOVE his voice -- one of the most Talented singers/songwriters ever!!!

Forget that he stopped making all those cheesy music videos that made him popular to the masses... forget all the hoopla with that Public Toilet incident.... forget the drug use news.... forget all the facial hair he loves to grow - some fashionably trendy/some downright scary.... forget the fact that he is as big as a house nowadays... the MAN still has THE VOICE & THE TALENT...

Sad that all the negative aspects of his life has overshadowed his achievements of late.... hence, hindering some of his late recordings.... sad for most of the people really - as a lot of his greater stuff did not get enough airplay or exposure.... his duets with Mary J Blige & Mutya Buena are perfect examples... I feel that minus the negative news - they could have reached the TOP of the CHARTS all over the world...
I can only wish that he would go back to writing songs, ballads especially and start recording again.... I still will buy them... A FAN FOR LIFE!!! For now I leave you with my Most FAVE Ballad by Mr Michael: A Different Corner