Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cheapman Cutie

Am soooo behind with precessing my Taipei Toy Festival 2010 photos for several reasons... 1) I took way too many photos - and it is harder to pick and choose; 2) my photo editing program is not the best - so it is more time consuming; 3) been busy over the last few days with visits & 4)been so busy with things to do and to attend to....5) last but not the least, been having so much fun with this new toy of mine picked up from the show: "Cheapman"!!!

Juliana & I came across Cheapman's booth as we walked about while we wait for Sue n Cecilia to finish their HUSKY purchases... one look at this cutie in his bunny outfit - and it was love at first sight!!! Mostly on display at the booth were Postcards & pins of cheapman.... art works, illustrations and such.... there were a handful of vinyl figures also on display... and if only I could have taken them all.... alas, only one was available - I HOPE, just for now.....

Meeting the artist and maker was just the added bonus - he was nice and sweet.... his endearing personality truly reflects the character of his creation... he IS cheapman, indeed! One thing that made me SMILE - BIIIG - was when I was listening to Juliana's conversation with him: Juliana asked:"How come you only have one Vinyl Toy for sale?"... to which he replied, without hesitation but with a biiig smile: "Because I have no money to make others!" I laughed inside and was truly endeared to him and his character even more so... right there and then - I loved my cheapman vinyl toy even more....We bought few of the toys (as well as, the cute postcards) - and he graciously signed each and every one of them for us... each of the s we wait, I could notice that each person that passed the booth stops by and were instantly drawn to this little cute figure... and they too, had to go home with cheapman in tow...