Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kurt Wenner: more ART ATTACK!!!

Possibly the highlight of our TREK to Pier 2 Art Center of Kaohsiung is seeing in person, Kurt Wenner's 3D Dragon Painting.... so AMAZINGLY large and sooooo commanding... truly a sight to see in person....Upon walking in - one is greeted by this giant painting on the floor that looks very much, except for it's size, like an ordinary painting... but upon reaching the end where steps are set up just right for a better view - then the whole painting comes alive... truly in the fashion of 3D - cover an eye and it is as if the Dragon is alive and ready to create some menace....The Master, Kurt Wenner, at work - as seen through a streaming video.

In another room a video is set up showing the process in which this masterpiece was done.... with Mr Wenner painstakingly applying each and every color onto the floor painting.... as well as, the actual unveiling of the masterpiece at Pier 2 Art Center - attended by so many people, art critics and art lovers alike... What a Treat for the eyes and senses....

I do not know much about Mr Kurt Wenner, or this particular art form for that matter, but after seeing this masterpiece am a FAN!!!