Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Manet, Picasso, Miro, Renoir, & Jean Paul Gaultier???

hahahahahaha - most of you must be quite puzzled as to what Jean Paul Gaultier doing with the likes of the aforementioned Impressionists.... well, they are all currently on Exhibit at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, that is!!!!

Juliana & I decided to take in both exhibitions in one shot.... and it was a good move.... we had just enough time to see the both shows before the museum closes.... and also was perfect timing to get out of the rain as it was pouring the whole time we were indoors, but had stopped when we were done.... so the GODS & the ARTISTS must have been on our side that day!!!

Well, the Gaultier Exhibition has been going on for about a month now.... the exhibition is Le Delfile - and it encompasses the costumes made by Mr Gaultier for Regine Chopinot's Modern Dance Ballets... I blogged about it HERE a while back - about a month ago really... and I just now finally able to come and catch it..... and it is worth all the wait... Sadly no one is allowed to photograph the costumes on display... and understandably so as they might somehow damage the fabrics.... Good thing there is a catalog of the exhibition available... so I was able to snap a few pages to share with you all... the exhibition is quite minimal - just like attending a Modern Jazz/Ballet Performance... Black background and just a touch of glitter (silver beading) hanging for accents.... everything on display was just colorful, phenomenal, and all screams GAULTIER!!!!

The other Exhibition, Manet to Picasso, is a collection of Impressionism artwork by some of the mosst famous ones in the field: Picasso, Miro, Manet, Van Gogh, Renoir, etc... paintings and a few sculptures depicting the beginnings of Impressionisms... all of these were on loan from the Philadelphia Art Museum... What a GREAT EXHIBITION.... was able to see earlier works from Miro and Renoir... ang got to know some new ones too: Bastillo & Pissaro -well, they are new to me anyway....

So it was TWO THUMBS UP for the TWO EXHIBITIONS.... just enough to satisfy the art thirst.... and wet the appetite for some more....