Wednesday, July 7, 2010

365 Project: A New Creative Outlet

Started a new HOBBY yesterday... well, actually, it is not a HOBBY but an outlet for a couple of my favorite hobbies: Photo Taking & Sharing!!! 365 Project : where one is to COMMIT to a Photo A Day -- for a FULL YEAR!!!

I have known about this for at least a couple of months now... but I have always been intimidated by the COMMITMENT PRESSURE, plus the fact that I never consider myself a photographer... nor think that my photos are never ever any good for people to admire and look at.... and I have seen some of the photo albums there and boy-oh boy, Professional much!!!

But a couple of friends kept encouraging me to do it anyway.... that it would be a FUN & CREATIVE project to do... and another outlet for me to share all the things I love.... PLUS I GET TO TAKE & POST PHOTOS OF ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that I Love or Speaks to me.... so how could I say NO to that....

So please, let me introduce to you all RudiT's 365 Project - am on Day 2 today with 4 followers.... so why not join in on the FUN - if I can do it, you can, too..... and be sure to Follow Me, too... Thanks In Advance!!!