Wednesday, June 30, 2010

end of the month - again!!!!

wow... once again I find myself at the end of the month - and with no BLOG entry for a little over a week.... when in Manila - I try to get online as much as I can.... try to catch up with FB and Blogging - but somehow, the days just keep flying by and I am not able to UPDATE or check here and there.... good thing am still able to catch up with my emails or I would totally be in trouble -- and sooooo behind.... lols....

so half the year is over.... with so many things on my agenda - sometimes I feel that for every step forward I make, I take two steps back..... when do I ever get to catch up - really catch up.... still too many things to deal with: family, financial, work, personal, etc.... as if that is not enough - I recently found out that am on the Verge of actually suffering from High Blood Pressure.... for three days, while in Manila - my Blood Pressure was monitored and it was just getting up there.....haiiiis.... when can I catch a break???

Oh well, just THANKFUL for KRISPY KREME treats once a month... am sure against the Doctor's Orders.... hahahahahahaha