Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Week In Review!

This was a truly just a SO-SO week for me.... nothing too exciting, nothing too dramatic happened, and best of all, not sooo much drama.... well, if pay attention to my Half Brother's drama - then there is... but I choose to Ignore it... so there!!!

Johnny was going to come up this week , and I was looking forward to it, as we would have gone to see the FLORA EXPO for the day... it did not happen much to my disappointment... maybe the end of the month, instead..... Hopefully.... but I did get to check out, from the outside looking in, a few of the installations a block away from the church I go to.... not to mention by the river where I run, what I could see always beckon for me to come in already... LOL...
So most of the week was spent working.... tidying up as I have to take that once a month trip again tomorrow.... With the lunch and dinner breaks spent at Jewel's home: helping out, playing with Jewel, and giving Lyn a bit of a break from taking care of her.... LOL.... such a biiiig responsibility.... really not for the faint hearted..... Of course, kids are Great when they are awake and playful... or just been fed.... but, Boy-Oh-Boy, when they are Hungry... or just pooped... or can't get their groove sleeping - totally a different matter..... hahahahaha I gotta hand it to the FULL TIME Moms who can truly take in the Bad with the Good....The weather's been off and on... so running is a trying thing - was only able to run by the river a couple of times this week.... still, thankful there is always the Gym.... and of course, Blogging.... truly a stress reliever.....

Hope you all had a Great Week.... and are enjoying your weekends.... Remember: a little over a month left till XMas.....the XMas shopping Nightmare begins..... be sure to get all that XMas shopping done early!!!! On that note, I leave you with my newest Bearbricks: Sally & Jack from Tim Burton's 1993 film, "A Nightmare Before XMas".