Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Week in Photos!!!

well... you are not going to see any Turkey here as I did not get to have any -- for the umpteenth year in a row.... I cannot even remember the last time I really got to celebrate Thanksgiving with Turkey and all the trimmings... the closest I got to it was watching Julia Roberts and company celebrate Thanksgiving in a Heartwarming scene from the movie: "Eat, Pray, Love"... anyway, the week sure was busy enough... and it is not letting up yet..... so am sharing a few photos here....

Since coming back from Manila last Tuesday - it has been NON-STOP digging, unboxing and cleaning up a bunch of dollies for an upcoming project, taking place early in DEC.... those of you who know me well, knows that with the extent of my collection, this chore is HELL.... I have to open up boxes after boxes, trying to find just the right ones for the project... so day after day, it was this chore and communicating with the powers that be - who am working with... the last few nites, I have even stayed up till the wee hours of the morning, just to get more done... with only Rihanna's new, ultra cool CD, "Rebelle Fleur", keeping me awake and going.... it is tiring and frustrating, that's for sure... but it also has been GREAT... like seeing OLD FRIENDS... each one bring back good memories and FUZZY WARM FEELINGS... So my days are spent with nothing but this chore - am almost done but not quite.... the only break I get is when I go to Jewel's home for meals... just to get out... and maybe a run or the gym at nite... just to stay somewhat fit... plus it does take my mind off some other pressing matters - family/love ones-wise...

"Hey Jewel - aren't you supposed to be here to help? hmmmmmm...."

Another highlight for the week is the Post Thanksgiving lunch I had with Sue (Juliana was going to meet us but had a work engagement to attend to, sadly...) in honour of Thanksgiving, I chose Swensen's... yes, all the way from San Francisco... just to geta bit of that Nostalgic Homey feel for the holiday... yeah, that and the chocolate covevered, creamy Ice Cream desserts... hahahahahaha - COMPLETE PHOTOS HERE

and today, I did manage to get to Church... and treat myself to some, down home Pinoy lunch... a couple of my FAVE Ulams (dishes): Tocino & Pinakbet...
so that is about it for this week... hope you are all had a nice Thaksgiving Holiday Weekend... now back to work for me again.... tonite will be another all niter.... :((