Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Water Torture...

This week, over on my 365 Project, I have been having a torturous time with the week's theme - WATER! It is kinda' weird as I love Water... I love swimming.... and I love the rain... even running in the rain.... but somehow it was a bit tough for me to come up with a NIFTY water theme shot.... boo hoo....

I wanted to stray away from the usual Rain shot: flowers or leaves with raindrops.... the wet pavement... or rain on car windshields and what not.... so I really decided that I was just not going to do this week's theme -- but somehow I did find a couple of interesting things to share - a cool water pool... and an very exotic looking fish.... I like them both so much I just have to share them here, too...

WATER BEAUTY: Flowerhorn cichild
For more info pls Click Here

Whirlpool of Life


Water: Basic Neccessity (Last Entry for This Week's Theme)

For such a basic necessity of life, water sure can be a natural resource that many of us take for granted. We often think/feel that since we live in a favorable climate area where it is abundant most of the year, that when it falls out of the sky regularly, it should, therefore, be free. In many developing countries, however, a limited access to potable water remains a serious health threat.

And unfortunately, we MUST also take HEED that all that is rapidly changing... Due to pollution, corruption, inefficiency and the never ending greed of the global elite.... hence, the entire world is heading for a very serious water shortage.