Sunday, November 7, 2010

Celebrities in Fred Perry

As if I had nothing else better to do...LOL!!! I was going though my photos from the different cities in Italy visited and was reminded how many people we came across with sporting Fred Perry - then out of the blue, I decided to GOOGLE celebrities in one of my most fave clothing line, Fred Perry.... I mean I have always had in my files the photos of Zac Efron for his cover interview with Nylon magazine & Anderson Cooper biking about with a buddy of his in matching shirts by one of my fave designers.... and I have always been aware that a personal fave, Paul Weller (formerly of The Style Council) has always been a fan and even had his own Limited Edition Shirt for Fred Perry... see photo below...Then the Amy Winehouse's collection debuted.... and I saw a German film a few months back, where the leads wore mostly Fred Perry... and even most recently, the Oct issue of GQ magazine with hottie, Ryan Reynolds on the cover, had him also sporting Fred Perry.... so I got more intrigued to see who else have sported them on the scene -- and of course, there's been many.... I compiled a photo collage of some of the more famous ones below... actors, singers, tennis ace, director, vampire, CNN star reporter, and even a Filipino actor/idol.... so you see, am in GREAT COMPANY here.... too bad i do not have their CLOTHING BUDGET! hahahahaha...
NOTE: Pls do let me know if you know of any others I can add to the album... just in case you find yourselg one of these lazy days, just gooling about.... (^_*)... Enjoy the rest of your Sunday Everyone!!!