Tuesday, November 2, 2010

chillin' @ chili's

Had a LOVELY fun time at my Nov 1st lunch with Juliana @ Chili's, in the Warner Viewshow area - a themed resto from the Southwest of the good ol' USA... it did not disappoint - it was as TASTY as I was already imagining/dreaming/salivating over everything tht is to be, since the weekend prior to the lunch date.... I SWEAR! (NOTE: now that Juliana is back being a full time working gal - scheduling a lunch get-together becomes tricky once more... but we managed somehow - hehehehehe )
We did not overdo the ordering - as we know the servings are quite big.... we shared a Nachos Platter... A Bacon Cheeseburger.... Bottomless Ice Teas... and the creme de la creme: a Chocolate Marvel for dessert.... this dessert was HEAVENLY - chocolate cake, with creamy chocolate fudge filling inside and topped off with vanilla ice cream covered with hardened chocolate shell.... YUMMY!!! TASTES of the SOUTHWEST, INDEED!!!We were accompanied by three of my Bearbircks - of course!!! Just to add some fun to the day - especially when taking photos.... plus, it gives others something fun to see and talk about, too.... LOL... also, had the pleasure of being served by Jeff, a nice young boy from my Gym.... and the other added pleasant surprise is my Halloween Gift from Juliana - a commemorative, limited edition, 7-11 OPEN chan iCASH card