Friday, December 17, 2010

"Sweet & Sour": Xmas Get Together 2010

Dec 11th, we had our annual XMas dinner get together.... Juliana, David, Sue n Cecilia and myself... a bit earlier than usual but with everyone's busy schedule, this was the only Open date we all had....

The place picked was SOLO PASTA - a somewhat chichi place in the heart of one of Taipei's busier and popular streets.... The place from the outside was inviting enough but a bit on the dark side - with totally minimal lighting.... once inside, you feel the darkness even more... just a tad bit low lighting to create a really romantic ambiance.... once, the dishes were served, I realized what the low lighting is all about - so as to not see how little is on one's plate - especially considering the prices being a bit on the HIGHER/PRICEY end... When I first looked at the MENU and see the choices and prices, I was a bit AMAZED - I mean PASTA and GNOCCHI dishes for about US$10 and up... and this does not include anything else... no soup, no bread, no salad, no drinks... so I was thinking: "hmmmmm, maybe the servings are big.."... well, they were served on BIIIG PLATES anyway.... the look of the food leaves nothing to be desired... and from the first taste, I was already turned off... my Gnocchi, all 25 little pieces of them were served cold... not hot, not warm but COLD! And everyone else on my table seemed not as please with their choices.... and looking around, I can tell everyone else have the same feel for the place... no one seemed to have ordered extras... only the main dishes - I guess they too, felt everything was pricey... and upon leaving, no one seems to have smiles on their faces... so we decided not to move places for desserts.... SOUR NOTE for the Nite....

Thank GOD for LAVAZZA - we ended the nite on a SWEET NOTE! Coffee and big slices of SWEETS, coupled with exchanging of gifts, and endless and fun conversation - I completely forgotten about my bad dinner.... that is, until I got back home and realized I was still hungry from my minimalist dinner... hahahahahahaha



SUE said...

Oh, I hope SOLO PASTA doesn't sue you for what you wrote though I am with you on the quality of their food...Didn't know you were still hungry. You should have ordered extra cakes at LAVAZZA...haha

Mary E. said...

Love that first Bearbrick pic! Very cool Rudi.

I'm glad you were all able to get together before Christmas.

You have to tell me what is in these two pics: DSC03459 and DSC03461.
I am very "intrigued"!

Those desserts you all chose looked quite delicious! All's well that ends well -- and ending with a great dessert is always good! :)
I also love the artwork at LAVAZZA.