Thursday, December 2, 2010

How Could I Have MIssed Out on This???

Juliana gave me this really cute McDonald's Premium Vinyl Toys, last Monday nite.... Have not been to McDonaldItalic's lately so I did not know anything about it..... It is an articulated Bear dressed up like Ronald McDonald.... total cuteness!!! Issued to benefit the Ronald McDonald House, an org established to help kids all over the world.
Have come to learn since that there are 4 figures in this collection... and they are all cute.... so I rushed over to McDonald's in hopes of getting the other three.... 3 McDonald's later and still ZERO.... it seems they are all SOLD OUT - SOLD OUT FAST!!! BOO HOO!!!!

And now, it just dawned on me that when I had lunch with Sue at Swensen's recently - the woman I saw taking photos of her little bear in B&W stripes, was playing with one of the figures.... waaaah, i knew I should have approached her and asked when I wanted to....
Not sure where else these cuties are available - but if any of you out there knows - pls HOOK ME UP!!!!


Mary E. said...

Oh my goodness!! He is so cute!!! Good luck on finding the others, but he may be the cutest one of the bunch! :)