Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's That TIme of the Year Once More...

...and I really could not be HAPPIER.... yes, yes, life is FULL of DRAMAs, Ups and Downs, and TESTs, lately - still, it never fails, come this time of the year - I forget all and start humming joyful XMas ditties....

Normally, if I were back in the Bay Area, I would already have my XMas tree up, presents bought and wrapped, and XMas music fills the room - along with Just Desserts pumpkin Cookies or Carrot cake, as well as EGG NOGs & Apple Cider... the each nite, I would pick a different neighborhood to drive around or walk about - admiring and reveling on all the WONDERFUL XMAS displays from each home or shops... and loving every minute of it... the mechanical window displays of both Saks and Macys.... the incorporation of little doggies and kitties at Nieman Marcus' window displays... the glistening with so much XMas lights homes by the Marina... they were all wonders to see... the lighting of the Trees in both Union Square & Ghirardelli Square - all are TRULY not to be missed... seeing them all became a TRADITION!

In Taiwan, it is mostly at the Department stores that one can feel and revel in the XMas wonders.... some homes and churches, of course - but really, most of it are can only be seen at retail shops... this is truly one of those countries where one can Honestly say, XMas has become too commercialized... still, it does not stop me from going around and seeing and taking in all that I could... and there is still so much to see...
SOGO Department Store:

FORMOSA Regeant's Giant XMas Tree & Shops:


Of course, once in Manila - it is a totally different story.... being such a Catholic country - Christmas is in abundance.... everywhere you look, every corner - you can see and feel XMas... hell, I was seeing XMas since way back in October.... here are a few of the more WONDERFUL & MAGICAL displays I have seen so far....

AYALA MALLS has twinkling life sized Ballerinas & Nutcrackers all over - both on the ground and flying up in the air... MORE PHOTOS HERE:

...and my FAVE so FAR - Rustan's Mall - soooooo MAGICAL looking.... if you are a toy and fantasy lover - these windows are not to be missed..... COMPLETE PHOTOS HERE:

PS: Do share Holiday Photos from your parts of the world... would love to see them.... :))