Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Lesson One": Anthony Lee

Just recently, after seeing his photos on taxis and Billboards hawking something for a Phone company, it got me wondering when his CD is coming out.... Actually, i have been waiting for the CD to come out ever since I have seen him sing and get discovered in the Popular Taiwan singing show, 1 Million Star... and of course, ever since I ran into him at IKEA back in November of 2009 - where I got to talk with him and even take a photo with him.

Lo, and Behold, it IS out!!! Anthony Neely's first CD, Lesson One - with a couple of Music Videos to boot!!! It came out middle of November while I was away - reason why i did not even noticed all the hoopla.... and not having a TV at home (by choice) - i do not get updated with new music videos - but his videos have been popular - I have been told...

Anthony Lee looks and sounds in top form with this CD... he has lost a few KGS from the time I ran into him... looking even more fit... and his voice even more refined.... one thing did not change, much to my delight - his Lovely Smile... can TRULY BRIGHTEN UP ANY ROOM.... Makes him a Total Hunk to me.....

Do check out his 2 Brand New MVs - an English song and another a Chinese song.

"Sorry That I Loved You"

aItalicnd the Chinese POP Ballad: