Sunday, December 5, 2010

do I really look LOST???

Went to hear Mass today - at the church I always go to when am here in Taipei... I go at this particular time as, the service is in Tagalog (Philippines' language).... I get to practice my comprehension of Tagalog through the Priest's Eulogy... it helps that he is a funny one, always making me smile.... and the music - also in Tagalog - just sounds so beautiful.. uplifting and heart warming....

Anyway, right after the service, i saw that everyone was taking turns with photo taking by our Fave Priest and St. Christopher Church's Annual XMAS tree... so, always having the digicam handy, I joined in on the fun... got my photo taken too... at which time, this funny exchange between the Priest and I took place:

Father: Are You Filipino?
Rudi: Yes, Father... of course, I come to your service all the time and it is in Tagalog.... why did you ask?
Father: I see you all the time and I always just assume you are LOST...

LOL! That tells me never to sit in the very front anymore... I always thought I was being a good Catholic boy by sitting upfront, making sure I do not miss on anything... I did not know I look soooo Lost in following everything.... hahahahahaha

Happy Sunday All!!!


Juliana said...

Dear Rudi,
Aren't you glad that you have taken the photo with him, or he would continue thinking a LOST boy sitting in front of him every Sunday?! HahaHa!
On the other hand, do you think you have interpreted the conversation correctly?
Anyways, it was hilarious!

wtsrudi said...

you know what?? after I left church - i got to thinking about the comment... and yI think you are right in what you are thinking.... so I DO LOOK LOST.... and it shows... :((

Mary E. said...

Something tells me he is a very perceptive man. Don't worry Rudi! It'll get better!! {{hugs}}
Glad you got a picture with him.

wtsrudi said...

Thanks Mary - you are correct on this.... am hanging in there.... :))