Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"I Knew Him When..."

well, this one tops my Springtime Travel Itinerary -- for sure!!!

Watching Mr Obama's Inauguration on TV earlier today (feeling Patriotic here)... and was admiring Michelle Obama's gown -- Lo and Behold, all of a sudden I was getting emails from friends telling me that the gown is done by none other than a very good friend, Jason Wu -- actually one of my very first friends upon moving to Taipei.

Am not one to drop names but this one I cannot pass up on -- as am more excited and elated for The talented Mr Wu, himself! WHAT A COUP AND ACCOMPLISHMENT -- AND VERY MUCH WELL DESERVED!!! BRAVO!!!

Go Go Go Mr Wu... and Pls Do Remember Us - your Loyal Friends!!!
You can see more of Mr Wu's designs here: Jason Wu Fall 2008


Mary E. said...

I had my fingers crossed for Jason and was so THRILLED when the dress was finally revealed. This is so huge for him. Jason is actually on the Today Show being interviewed by Meredith Vieira right now.

What a major accomplishment for him!! Tori and I are so happy. And better yet... his dress will now be in the Smithsonian!!!

~ Mary

wtsrudi said...

Like you and Tori, David and I could not be happpier... such a GREAT accomplishments...