Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Feast on a "Spoonflower" of Fabrics

As most of you know, I collect just about everything... travels always entails perusing through the Antique shops, toy stores, and fabric shops... love seeing what's new and exciting... and of course, true to my nature, what's RETRO...

Today I got an email from a good friend in New York, Mike Dawson, he entered a design a fabric contest through SPOONFLOWER, a site that helps and encourages one to create/design your own patterns... Was just going to take time to see the entries and log in my VOTE - instead found myself going through pages and pages of fun, creative, artsy, gaudy, colorful design patterns... I LOVE IT ALL!!!My Friend, Mike's entry to the current contest.
If you ask me, this is such a wonderful idea -- perfect for those who are sooo particular when it comes to their curtains, beddings, etc... I mean, how often do we go in search of the perfect patterns to match our home needs... This place will certainly fix that. Check It Out and be sure to VOTE for my friend's entry -- LM by Mike Dawson: Spoonflower