Friday, January 23, 2009

Hong Bao Na Lai!!!

Literal translation for this Chinese saying is: "RED ENVELOPE GIVE TO ME"!!! As most of you know, RED ENVELOPES means $$$ - these are given at various Chinese Occasions, most especially, during the Chinese New Year! Mostly given to the young ones, unmarried relatives and good friends, and to parents by the off springs who are already in the working field. Since i do not fit in any of these categories and add the fact that am a "waiguoren" (foreigner) - I really do not get them... Wu Papa gives me one each year - possibly not wanting for me to feel left out... but I do give it back, with added $$$, of course -- don't want to lose face...HAHAHAHA... NOTE: The money in the hong bao is intended only to give some joy to the young recipient and is an expression of good fortune represented by the red paper. It is considered rude for the recipients to open their hong baos in front of the givers.

I love the IDEA for these red envelopes - they signify the transmission of Good Fortune and Good Wishes, but what I love most about this tradition are the various "hong baos" that circulates during this time... cute ones... sophisticated ones... advert ones... etc... I have accumulated a few of these over the years... and I love each and everyone of them... Sometimes, they do come in GOLD, too!