Monday, January 19, 2009

..and she calls it YOGA!!!!

Early evening yesterday, feeling refreshed from our 2 hour SWIM/WATER SPA, David and I walked over with Liya by the river so we can witness her different YOGA stances, photographed them, and hopefully learn something... well, we did not learn anything really and to date, am still awaiting from LIYA the names of her different stances... don't think she would appreciate the names I would give these poses (spread eagle stance, rear entry stance, etc... So Liya, Better get back with me with those names ASAP!!))
On the walk back -- we happen upon this tractor that's always fascinated me,,, and it so happened that it was abandoned right in the middle of the park... No one around... so what am I to do?? I jumped at my chance right away, of course, and tried it on for size...and a light in me flashed!!!

YOWZA!!! I found another job possibility, if ever I want a real career change.... just IMAGINE, no need to dress up... am out and about, soaking up the sun and smelling the fresh air... and I get to HANDLE BIIIIG MACHINES... MANLY?? Yes!!! and just the way I like it!!!
Rest of the Photos Here: Jan 18th, 2008


Mary E. said...

You should have been a construction worker, Rudi!! You're a natural.

Love all the photos and all Liya's yoga moves -- great location for it. I was hoping to see you try some of those positions though.


wtsrudi said...

hahahaha... maybe it is not too late Mary... I can still change careers... but then again I think I only like the trucks - not sure if I want the actual work... hahahahaha

yeah... the location is calling you!!!!!!

SUE said...

Me again... It so happens that Juliana, Cecilia and I have started taking Yoga lessons from this year! Every Wed. evening with bunch of my colleagues - it's a Yoga club formed in my company this year. Hopefully I will get my body in better shape, like you and David!

wtsrudi said...

wow Tat is really cool, SUE!!! am glad that you can all enjoy this together... and am gald you are finding time to enjoy life...

one of these days I will also take up YOGA.... not just yet... still too much energy to burn running or swimming....