Thursday, January 22, 2009

Holy Cow, Batman!!! It's A Cow Invasion!!!

Wednesday afternoon, I took time off in the middle of the day to check out the Cow Parade Exhibition in Taipei. This Global Phenomenon, Cow Parade, has been around for quite some time now and have been shown all over the World. It is the first time it has come to Taiwan. And what PERFECT TIMING -- as The Year of the Ox is just around the corner... am also glad that I have taken the time to see it as it is only running till the 1st of Feb. Would hate to have missed this one... upon arriving to the venue, Hua Shan Yi Wen Xhiong Xing Museum, I was already greeted by a few life size cows surrounding the area... then giant posters of the Exhibition to truly entice passers by and exhibition goers... I knew right away it was going to be a FUN EXHIBIT!!!

What a GREAT Exhibition -- even if you are not into cows... Colorful, Creative, Artsy, Inventive, and FUN!!! It will be sooo hard to choose a FAVE as there was just way too many GREAT ones -- I say GREAT as all of them are GOOD... All cows exhibited are done mostly by local artists - famous, not so famous, and wanna bees... am told that various well known artists/designers were invited to participate; while design students were ask to submit their entry and the chosen one goes on to realized their design sketches...

It was GREAT that I was able to hook up with a couple of curators, I call them Cow Buddies, as they were so kind to walk me through the exhibitions and answer a lot of my questions - in Chinese and English. They made it much easier for me to make sense of it all.. and Jenny even was kind enough to snap a few photos for me - as my cam battery died towards the end.

4 Large rooms of cows... in their different splendours... some of the Highlights for me are the following:
-Coming across Miss Fashion Queen, done by a local clothing designer friend, Goji Lin
-Running into a studio where HK artist and Illustrator, Lee Chi CHing, was working on his special cow. He was kind enough to invite me in, so i was able to talk with him, photograph his cow before it got put on display, and snap a few photos of him in action.
-The fact that unlike most exhibitions where photo snapping is prohibited - it was very much welcomed here.

It would be GREAT to have one of these for my collection - I would LOVE IT... At the end of the Exhibition run, some will be returned to the designers, some as permanent exhibit at the Taipei 101 (a big sponsor for the exhibition) and some will auctioned of to benefit various local charities -- sadly, am sure they will all be out of my budget...

So if you are in Taiwan between now and Feb 1st, be sure to check it out... A FUN Day Is Guaranteed!!! If not, hope you ENJOY the photos I have taken here.