Saturday, November 10, 2012

Home Cooked Meals

Thankful Day 10 is all about delicious home cooked meals.... Nowadays, with Chef David's busy work schedule - he does not get to treat us to some scrumptious meals often...
So when he does, like today, we are all THANKFUL!!'
Was treated to a showing of the movie I have been wanting to see, "Gf*Bf" - Shaun was able to find it online and downloaded for me to see....  No English subtitles but heck, at this point this did not matter so much anymore... I sat through the whole thing....  loving every minute of the film.....   it was everything I expected and imagined it to be... and more.....  Great acting from everyone.....  Very nicely filmed and directed.....  and just love the SUBTLETIES in the dramatic parts....  this made for an even heartfelt storytelling....  TWO THUMBS UP for the film, indeed!!!!
Then  to we drove over later in the afternoon, to visit the Lin An Tai Historical Homes and Museum....  This place is only half an hour away....  and such a beautiful and peaceful place to visit....   as if one is transported to a different time....   besides the Old Style Houses, Gardens, and Gazebos - lots of Antique furniture and knick display....  and of course, historical notes on ancient traditions....
...was even treated to this beautiful Sunset!!!
Capped off the nite with some goodies form the night market for dinner....  then happened upon an Indian Dance Public Performance - so got to enjoy that, too.....   Overall, it was a nice day....  I should not have anything to complain about.....   well....