Wednesday, November 21, 2012

5 More to be Thankful for!!!

Been a busy week....  doing lots of running around so am a bit behind... but that does not mean I did not have anything to be THANKFUL for... so am FILLING IN the last five days before Thanksgiving, starting with TODAY...
Day 21. FRIENDSHIPS -and that includes Past, Present. & Future... And yes, FB Friends and throw in the Haters too - for Good Measure!

Everyone, directly or indirectly, have contributed to who I am...   Shared Joys n Sorrows, and everything in between... Thank You All!
Day 20.XMAS TREATS -yep, one by one they do come back to brighten and sweeten up the Holiday Season!!!
Day 19.METRO ART -For me, the BEST thing about riding the METRO in Taipei is not how fast it can get me to where am going, but to be treated to some of the BEST FREE ART around..... every stop with a different theme by some of the local (known, as well as, up and coming artists)... Just Feasts for the eyes!!!
Day  18.RUNNING -possibly my most Fave form of exercise, since my High School days... Not only is it really good to keep the heart pumping and the calories burning, Running always helps me clear my mind... Think of ideas and solutions... And just really energizes me...

And it helps when you have this convenient, beautiful riverside park to run...
Day 17.HOUSE CHORES -Not that I really like doing them - but in a way, it does keep me grounded... and when am focusing on the task at hand - I clear my mind of everything else.....