Wednesday, November 14, 2012

By the Hair on my Skin!!!

Whoah!   3 days without entries... not that there were none to be Thankful for - just too much on my plate... and on the mind....  been wrestling with soooooo much...  emotional and mental baggage....   on top of work and the daily grind which is called Life....  sometimes things really leave me CONFUSED or WONDERING WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY LIFE???
All came to a HALT today - all day long the mind was elsewhere - thinking of too many things that left me mentally and emotionally wasted.... one minute I was just doing my daily chores, then next am an emotional wreck...  Guess left on my own, am bound to really STOP, TAKE A LOOK and LISTEN TO MY THOUGHTS....  and of late, they are just TOO SAD.....  
Even almost got run over this afternoon...  I knew that without fail when crossing streets, I always look to the right, then the left, then the right again....   it's a NO BRAINER - but for some reason that is not what happened today....  a car stopped just to my left side - just missing me by the hair of my skin...   okay, I do not think I would have died as it was a residential area - so the car was not moving too fast.... but fast enough to warrant a really loud screeching from breaking....  WHEW!!! 
Needless to say, that left me frazzled even more for the rest of the evening....   so to try and calm down and sooth the soul, I took a loooong walk by the river, Dajia Riverside Park - always a GREAT place for a walk on breezy clear nites....  it TRULY soothes the Soul and makes one forget about everything else... just nice to take in the lovely lighted pathways....   people happily walking, running, biking....  and taking in the Fresh Clean Air!!!
-always a nice treat to get that extra boost of caffeine in the afternoon... Nice way to break the work day... And in Taipei, one can never run out of choices - lots of coffee/cafe havens here!!!
THANKFUL.13: Good Food with Great Friends
-Especially when everyone's schedule is such that  finding a time for a Get Together with (almost) all is quite trying....