Thursday, October 7, 2010

Break Time with Liya & Johnny (Jason)

"We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have."
~Frederick Keonig

Took a couple of hours break from "JEWEL WATCH" today - Liya, Jason (both up from Kaohsiung) & I decided to go to WarnerViewshow area, to have lunch at Burger King, check out what's playing at the Cineplex, and of course, try to check out the newly opened UNIQLO....

Well, we were too late for any of the movies we wanted to see... either already started or SOLD OUT.... and the next scheduled showings were just much too late - have to go back and see Jewel and bring food to her parents, too.... So we decided to just have our Burger King lunch... YUMMY!!! Of course, I had my Chicken Sandwich with Cheese.... and even got to try their Brownie Cubes Topped with Ice Cream....

Before heading back home, we walked by the NEWLY Opened UNIQLO Shop in Taipei.... This Japanese based clothing boutique' Grand Opening has been much anticipated by soooo many Taiwanese... so we knew it will be like a MADHOUSE.... well, that's an understatement.... it was soooooooo CROWDED!! Long lines from all point of entries - LOL!!! Spoke to some of the people there, and it seems some of them even spent a whole nite in line just to be sure get in as the shop first opens...OMG!!! Well, as much as it would have been FUN to get in and take photos for the BLOG, 3 hours of my time to waste in line was just not worth it.... indeed!!!

So instead, we took the bus back home - so I can get a bit of work done... and everyone else can prepare FOOD and more stuff for the nighttime Jewel visit.... which we did by 7PM... just in time to have dessert with Lyn & Shaun... then see Jewel by 8PM.... even Cousin Tori came to see Jewel tonite!!! Jewel is doing fine.... she was actually getting some Vitamin Rays - so she looks as if she is in a TANNING BOOTH!!! LOLs!!! We all left the hospital about 9:30Pm and walked the long way home... a good 30/40 mins walk....