Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The "Jewel" In Our Eyes!!!

Aaaaah the MIRACLE of BIRTH!!!!
am TRULY HUMBLED and AWED by the whole process....

Please meet "Jewel"
- the much awaited first born to my friends/family, Lyn & Shaun....

Born: Oct 5th, 2010

Time: 6:10 AM

Weight: 3KGS and 30 Grams
Height: 52 CM

okay, okay... this is actually the real reason why we all have been extra busy lately.... with not much time for anything else except going back and forth to the Hospital... first making sure everything is well with the Mom to be, Lyn... then welcoming Jewel into this world.... and now, just to see her from time to time during visiting hours - till she is safe and sound in her home... and we can see her as much as we want!!! Hehehehehehehe....As most of you know, Lyn & Shaun, I have known for over 10 years now.... shared lots of GREAT TIMES with them, and still doing so..... from college graduation, to tying the knot almost 2 years ago, & now, their first baby.....

So far, so good..... both Mom & Baby are doing fine.... though at one point it was going to have to be a C-Section delivery, but at the last minute, Jewel pulled through and helped Mommy open up a bit... so to speak.... been running back and forth to the hospital bringing the happy parents food - helps a lot that the hospital is only 15 minutes away by scooter.... and of course, we get to hold and enjoy Jewel a bit more!!!


Norita said...

What a wonderful post...she really is a beautiful little girl....congrats to her parents. I'm happy to share my birthday week and astrological sign with her!!!!

wtsrudi said...

Thank You Norita... she truly is bringing us all so much joys.... hours of fun.... can't wait till I can bring her out and about... hehehehehehe