Saturday, October 2, 2010


Just got back from watching Eat, Pray, Love - such a wonderful treat on this Saturday - I have been waiting to see this film for quite some time now.... was really hoping to see it before going to Europe but it was not out yet.... just finally came out yesterday, Oct 1st....

Boy, was it worth the wait... not just for the beautifully written lines.... the all too realistic and believable acting from everyone (from Julia Roberts; the 3 male leads, Javier, Billy & James; all the supporting casts that she gets to interact with all through the movie; and of course, location, location, location!!!! This movie takes you from New York, to Italy, to India, and Bali.

It was extra SPECIAL to see all the places that her character goes to, as all I have been to, and was more than HAPPY and EXCITED to spot special places - that are still FRESH in my mind... especially, Rome & Naples!!! and it was soooooo REAL.... all the location used in both Rome and Naples, were so familiar.... and it I even have photos of myself in most of the places.... even the local people reminds me of most of the ones we encountered and got to talk with......

The movie covers a lot of grounds in Liz Gilbert's life (author and protagonist in the book & film): literal, emotional, and spiritual. and Ryan Murphy (of GLEE fame) did a great job adapting and directing the film. Watching how the story unfolds, one can almost feel what Julia Robert's character is going through... Miss Roberts, have truly matured as a woman and an actress.... and is very much comfortable in her skin - and it shows.... It was a joy to see her, and go through life with her, in character, and be re-awakened along with her....

Poster Advert taken in Rome.