Saturday, July 4, 2009

U Get What U Pay For - Indeed!!!

Okay, so if you TRAVEL between Taipei and Manila as often as I do, basically once a month, you have to be wise and find the BEST FARE available.... A few years back, I used to pay about $350US RT (round trip), about 17,000Php, but with CEBU Pacific it was cut down to about $100 US or 5,000php.... of course with that low fare, one does not get to carry as much (only 15KGS allowed) - and you have to know that for a BALIKBAYAN - that is just way too little.... Also, no food or drinks available for you (unless you pay on board!) - much less, MILEAGE to ACCRUE.... still, for a two hour flight - this is all OK, as am basically saving $200US each flight...

This cheap fares made PAL took notice enough to introduced the ECONO LITE FARE - as advertised, you also allowed just 15 KGS... 1 hand carry.... NO MEAL... but UNLIMITED PEANUTS & DRINKS... PLUS VIDEO SCREENS... hmmmm.... this caught my eyes of course.... enough to take them up on their offer this time around...

Boy did I make a BAD DECISION - which I came to CONCLUDE right from the start. Upon checking in I was told I cannot ask for an AISLE seat... with my fare I sit where I am placed in the last few rows - no matter if the aisle seats in the last rows are available, which they were.... so I ended up with the toilets right behind me and all the toilet goers feels that my seat was there for them to lean and rest on while they wait for their turn in the loo.... HEADACHE from too much SHAKING much!!!Then as the FOOD CART was rolled, ECONO LITE people were passed over and were taken care of last... a couple of little bags of peanuts (about 25 pcs) in each bag -- if even) and a glass of drink... unlimited they said??? well, they did not even come back to offer anything else and I had to wait till they were already cleaning up and picking up trash to get another glass of orange juice...And then there's the VIDEO SCREEN.... well, nothing to get EXCITED about... you would think with this 2 hour flight they could play a 1 and 1/2 hour movie or a couple of 30 mins sitcoms - nope... "an episode of JUST FOR LAUGHS" played twice is what we got!!!

Well, I learned my lesson.... am going back with CEBU PACIFIC... at least I know there is nothing to expect, therefore, I will not be disappointed!


Mary E. said...

It is so true, Rudi! It's nice to save money, but sometimes you need to pay a little more to have a pleasant experience. :)
Well, good luck on the trip home. Hopefully it is a nicer experience.

wtsrudi said...

am back and it was not any better...except for the fact I was not expecting anymore -- so I just sat where I was placed - another middle set with the toilet in back of me - and did not even bother with the peunuts..... hahahahaha