Thursday, July 16, 2009

Molly X tokidoki

Coming August 2009: Kennyswork MOLLY X tokidoki

Have always been fascinated with MOLLY - ever since I visited, MONSTER GEAR, when it first opened... lots of Mollys there... actually the shop seems to highlight Molly the most.... but at that time, I said to myself - I do not need to start another collection... and BOY, it would be another BIG collection for sure...

So what happens??? tokidoki collaborates with Molly...waaah! Of course, I have to order this 10" bundle of cuteness... and while doing so with my friend, Juliana, a couple of days ago (July 14th), we (MISERY TRULY LOVES COMPANY!!!) ended up picking up both the Molly Be@rbrick and the Molly Qee, Monster Gear's -- which would puts us both to having 3 Mollys each in our collections -- so does that make us Molly Collectors already? Am Afraid so!!!

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Mary E. said...

Molly is great, and Molly Qee is just too cute! I can't wait to see the actual Tokidoki Molly. She is definitely a must have for you, Rudi!

wtsrudi said...

SHE IS!!! wait till you see her in person... am eagerly awaiting molly X tokidoki....