Thursday, July 16, 2009

8th World Games Starts Today!

Kaohsiung, Taiwan is the PROUD host of the 10 day (from the 16th thru the 26th) 8th World Games... Wishing I can snag tickets... but am sure that is a long shot as they are too pricey and am sure will sell out fast!!!Gao Mei & Syong Ge, the World Games' Official Mascots
Official Site Here


Mary E. said...

That's really cool that they are hosting the games. It would be great if you were able to get tickets to any of the events.

Wow! So many sports that I'm not even familiar with! Tchoukball, Korfball, Wushu, Boules Sports!! It sure would be fun to see all of that.

Gao Mei and Syong Ge are just too cute!

Don't forget you have all that luck now! ;) You may just be able to get really good tickets.

wtsrudi said...

am sooooooo SAD.... Lyn and Shaun, attended the OPENING ceremonies last nite.... and they were able to bring WU PAPA with them.... but not me...waaaah!!!!

So much for my LUCK!!! will try LOTTO tonite... hehehehe

Mary E. said...

Lucky them! Now you go buy that winning lotto ticket!! :)