Monday, July 6, 2009

Hot & Cold

Summers in Manila can be really trying... The HOTTEST TIME of the year can also be the WETTEST time as rainy season falls on the Hot Summer months.... now I know why Schools' summer vacation here is between Mar & June.... so people can still enjoy some kind of summer instead of be stuck at home, or worse yet, caught in a flood somewhere while on a summer holiday.

The last few days have been either TOO SUNNY or RAIN POURING DOWN... and if one is LUCKY - you get both, alternating in one day... as I have been... makes it really so hard to get around, plus I cannot even go for a swim... I can only eat.... no wonder many people are a bit on the heavy side... and why I am always catching a cold when here in the summer months...

Oh well, at least there's the GREAT BIG & VERY CHEAP movie houses to escape too... as I recently did, and saw TRANSFORMERS... not that I was really dying to see this but nothing else is playing that catches my fancy.... besides, they had this BIG OLD TRUCK displayed right outside the movie theatre - which turned out to be one of the main robot characters in the movie... and in fairness, it was entertaining ebnough for the 2 1/2 hrs, its running time.