Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tori, Tori, Tori

Since we are on the subject of Heroes, I got to thinking about one of my current Heroes: Tori Ewing

Tori is Mary's daughter - first met her at IFDC a few years back.... she was still in High School and doing sooo well academically... I remember during the course of the week, both David and I, felt that she is one of the most mature, most focused, people we have ever met. She did not talk much in crowds, but you can tell she listens and absorbs everything... we also thought how cool it was that she can hang out with her Mom, and her Mom's kooky friends -- US!!! Over the years we get to know her more - through what Mary updates us with, as well as, talking with her in CyberSpace, or other conventions we are both in attendance... At one of the last ones in Vegas, I recall how much fun it was to watch her do the DANCE REVOLUTION that I was coaxed into doing so, too.. I figured, with her next to me, doing it at the same time, am in great hands... it was one of the most fun times I have ever had at a convention. I admire so much in her that she can hold on to her youth, in the midst of all the growing up she has to do -- after all, the transition between girly to a young woman can be very awkward... if she did feel such pressures, she surely did not show it.

Then, suddenly she is in College -- only a year finished so far and already she has accomplished sooo much.... in the coarse of a year, she managed to excel in her classes... take so many electives.... joined and performed on stage with a Modern Dance Company... etc... and seeing her in a couple of her performances with the company gave us such a thrill -- it was as if we were also in the audience, proud as can be.. proud to tell everyone around us that: "That is Tori up there... our firend, our family!"
(FEET OF FLAMES : Tori & Company)

(Modern Dance)
So far, having just started her 2nd year, she has already joined the Girl's Hockey Team and is contemplating now on becoming a Lawyer.... we are sooo excited for her... and know that there is nothing that she cannot do -- from sewing her dollies little dresses to battling it out in the courtroom -- if she sets her mind to it.
(Tori as Speed Racer for Halloween '08 and trying on her Hockey Uniform)


Mary E. said...

That's my girl! She always amazes me and makes me proud.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that shining review! You know my daughter well. She never lets me down. Look out world!

wtsrudi said...

YOWZA!!! I hit the big time... Mary & Paul -- the ones to THANK for producing such a cool young woman -- dropping me lines...

Thanks for the comments guys, and for TORI, too!!!