Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gary V X 3

It AMAZES me that it has been 25 years (and counting) that I have been a BIG FAN of the very talented, Mr Gary Valenciano!!! He is one of the very first PINOY ARTIST I ever really liked!! As we all know, artists come and go... our tastes changes, as we grow older... but am very HAPPY to say that my admiration for Gary and his beautiful voice has never waned....

First discovered him back in the late 80's ... growing up in San Francisco, Calif... "Di Na Natuto" I heard playing from a friend's car and it was an instant LOVE for the artist and the song.... had to go to Daly City and get my own copy of the CD right away.... THANK GOD for the big Filipino Community in that part of the BAY AREA - there were shops that carried his CDs... From then on I was hooked... each and every album I had to get -- either purchased on my own or sent to me by friends and family from Manila....

"Sana Maulit Muli" hits close to home with me --as it was the song dedicated to me by a former love one. A Love Lost but nevertheless, still felt. ..and my third most FAVE by Mr V is, "Ikaw Lamang" -- this was chosen by the family to be played/sung (twice in fact!) during my Dad's funeral back in 2006... so it is very close to my heart.

Certainly the list of FAVES does not stop there.... each and everyone of his songs recorded has been overplayed by me -- and will continue to be played on for many more years to come....

Of course, the admiration runs much more deeper -- not only is his voice one of the BEST I have ever heard... his music has also been such an inspiration -- each and everyone of them.... and to read more about him: his devotion to his craft, his family & love ones, and of course, to GOD - is simply INSPIRATIONAL...

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LINKS of Interests:
-Gary V. Live @ 25
Am so SAD I will nto be able to attend this concert celebrating his 25 years in the BIZ... here's hoping the a DVD of it will come out! Not to mention a LIVE RECORDING CD!
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Mary E. said...

Hi Rudi!
Gary seriously looks a LOT like you!
Great voice!

Anonymous said...

OMG just the other day I was listening to Gary's "Narito", it's one of his amazing songs... and now here a fellow Gary fan. Great taste Rudi! :D

-- yoof

wtsrudi said...

thanks mary!!! if u think I look like him - that is a compliment to me... not sure what he will think about that... hahahahaha

wtsrudi said...

hiya erica... thanks for the comment... yeah that is a nice song by him too... well, actually, ALL HIS SONGS are nice!!!! Can U tell am a die hard fan???