Wednesday, November 12, 2008

HEROES : Season 3

Just caught the 2 Hour Premiere Episode of Season 3 here in Taiwan last Thursday... on STAR WORLD... Can it be any cooler??? If I was not HOOKED then, am totally or even more HOOKED now.... so many things going on.... so glad I got to see the rest of SEASON 2 via DVD during my last stay in Manila....

The Season looks really promising so far... major Villains... more DRAMA.... lots of new twists - cool (Dr Suresh gets powers!) & sick (Sylar is brother to the Petrelli Brothers!)... aaaah... I cannot wait for the next few episode - that will be tomorrow nite... Sadly, it is way behind here in Taiwan... I see it is already Episode 8 in the US... but it is OK, am more than willing to wait and savour it all....

My only complain from the Premiere Ep is that Elle was let go which made me sad as Kristen Bell is sooo good and funny in her role... but I see from the LINK below that she comes back biiig time later on.... can't wait for that!!!
Episode Guides: Beware - Lots of SPOILERS