Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quantum of Solace : Movie Review

We went and saw Quantum of Solace last weekend when it Premiered here in Taiwan, am just now getting to write about it as I was feeling very much indifferent about Bond's Latest outing. Yes, Daniel Craig is by far, the Best and most Human of all Bonds over the years. And Yes, the movie was still jam packed with unbelievable action sequences. Somehow though, the whole package to me was a bit underwhelming -- something a Bond movie should never, ever be.

The movie is filled with Great performances: Daniel Craig continues to impress, showing raw emotions without losing an ounce of manliness. He is TRULY the EPITOME of a MODERN BOND, one that is keeping with the times - Metro-sexual & not afraid to let his emotions show. A Bond that more people(young, old, woman, man, straight, or gay) can relate and look up to. The new lead Bond babe, Ukrainian Super Model Olga Kurylenko, is pretty cool too - gritty and tough, even though her emotions get the best of her most of the time. The other Bond babe, Gemma Arterton, brought just the right amount of quirkiness to infuse the movie a bit of a breather, a bit of humour - i liked her a lot - too bad she will not be making any more future appearances (if you get my meaning). And Dame Judi Dench, getting a bit more screen time, as always Superb.

My biggest beef lies in the script -- or what seems like lack of it. Definitely does not live up to the promise and tone set by the first one, Casino Royale. I know that it was supposed to be a continuation of the storyline, and with Bond trying so hard to get the closure he needed in regards to his love, Vesper -- which he did -- but somehow we never really get to see what he was really up against. But the director did really keep the film moving despite having no plot momentum on his side - through stylish and adrenaline pumping action sequences.