Monday, May 13, 2013

Star Trek: Into Darkness

Amazing Visuals. Awesome Special Effects. Adrenaline Pumping Action. Hot Villain.  Super Showcase for Captain Kirk n Spock - BroMance Included.  Everyone in Top Form!  What else could anyone want for in a Star Trek film?  Aaaaah yes, there is one thing....,,,,.   MORE!!!!  Get the third one going already Mr Abrams!!!

The Fantastic Cast!
No complains for me about the casting and am quite Happy everyone returned...  my only complain would be in that - with this large of a cast on a two hour film, not everyone will get enough to do....  and though the movie tried - it would have been IMPOSSIBLE.... 
The minute I read that Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes of BBC's Sherlock) was on board to be a baddie - I knew I was in for a juicy treat....  and he did not disappoint...  such a commanding presence and talented actor....  almost stole the whole movie right under Chris Pine's and Zachary Quinto's noses.... He made one Hell of A Khan!!!   :)
The BROMANCE between Captain Kirk and Mr Spock reaches a new level of deepness when lives hang in the balance... handles quite well, sticking well into characters... Both Zachary and Chris handled all the emotional scenes well... They will put tears in your eyes - for sure!!!