Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dynamic Duo

Nope..  Not Batman and Robin but one of Summer's Blockbuster Movie Tandem - Captain Kirk and Mr Spock of Star Trek!

They really do not need much of an introduction as by now, most everyone on the planet Earth who has access to TV, Movies and/or Magazines have seen and heard of them...  And most who have are Fans already...  Myself Included!  And they make quite a nice BROMANCE duo, too... never one to shy away from professing and displaying affection for each other....

So they are this week's Hump Day Hotties!!!
Thank God that Lindsay Lohan movie, Just My Luck, did not ruin his career from the get go.. Chris Pine has been steadily building up quite a resume.... we already know he can do action, be dashing and funny....   but the BOY CAN REALLY ACT!!!  Just see "People Like Us'...
Chris Pine in the latest issue of OUT Magazine.
Zachary Quinto, of course I first found in HEROES... his SKYLAR is soooooo juicily evil - one cannot help but root for him - though his deeds were all bad.... then he came out and he was even more attractive to many - Straights and Gays Alike!   Then in American Horror Story Season 1, not shying away from playing Gay - he was both campy and wickedly delicious....

NOTE: This post was actually for LAST WEEK's HUMP DAY - right after I saw STAR TREK - somehow I got sidetracked - staring at all the photos I was GOOGLING no doubt, I completely forgot to POST... LOL!!!


Barry Boy said...

I know you kinda like Star Trek that much... something that will make you like it more. Here's THAT deleted shower scene of Benedict Cumberbatch