Thursday, May 9, 2013

American Horror Story.2

Once Again am blown away by this series....  Watched the whole 2nd Season in two sittings...
The first season scared the crap out of me...  Took me by surprise actually as I had nit seen anything like it on TV..  Especially nothing I expected from the creators  and producers of GLEE...  I was hooked from the very 1st episode...  And the whole season did not disappoint, except when it ended it's run...

Loooong wait for the 2nd one for me...  But am glad I waited till I could get my hands on a DVD copy with the complete season in it already...  I took my time to watch it...  I wanted a time where I can really sit through the episodes one after another.,,  believe me that was hard...  I mean the anticipation of seeing where the producers and writers took the show for it's sophomore run...   Hearing friends in the US talk about how great it has been...  Seeing some of the finest actors around right now on TV , headed by Jessica Lange...  Plus other returnees: Zachary Quinto, Lilly Rabe, Sarah Paulson & Evans Peters...  Thrown in the talented newcomers to the show, Jim Cromwell, Chloe Sveginy, Clea Duvall and Joseph Fiennes...  Then a dash of surprise returnees: Dylan McDermott & Frances Conroy...  I was in for a really surprising, suspenseful, topsy turvy, 2 day marathon of Season 2...  Oh of course, worth mentioning Adam Levine in a few episodes - Heaven!!!  

 Am so glad i did not read any reviews or fanfare for Season 2...  Everything really came as a Shock... A Surprise...  Another season worth savouring!!!

The actors are soooo great, it is a given already with the uber talented Jessica Lange..  She was robbed of an Emmy btw...  But the others really held up their  own...  They were all surprisingly  and satisfyingly good!!!  I was hesitant at first, how am I going to forget them in their roles from last season - but not only did I not remember, i was juiced up and totally could not wait, episode per episode, to see what their characters were up to...  Truly some of the finest actors on TV at the moment...  I say they all should have been nominated for Emmys...  Even if they do not get to take home the statuettes, at least be rewarded with nods...

So I hear Kathy Bates is joining the 3rd Season cast...  I can only imagine the Juicy Duels she will have with Miss Lange..  Both of them Oscar Caliber actresses!!!