Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunday is for torturing the family.... LOLs!!!

am sure we all can relate, at one point in our lives or another growing up, on this one family rule: "Sunday is Family Day!"... Am sure that many will also AGREE that there were plenty of times when we wished it was not... Somehow, our parents manages to torture us with what they had in store or planned each and every Sunday... for me, it was always fishing, crabbing, or bowling.... whoa, gives me the goosebumps just thinking about them....

yesterday, it was just like that for me and The Wus.... what should have been a day of relaxing, feasting, and going to the movies - turned into a 6 hour bike ride -- much to Jason and Tori's surprise and dissatisfaction... especially for Tori, who has never really ridden bikes before....

Started the ride a little after 12PM -- it was a scenic ride and was a lovely day for it... no sun... and just the right amount of breeze... we promised them a treat at the destination place ,Danshuei (a little over 2 hrs ride)... like Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco -- full of revelers, tourists, and lots of delicacies offered... and then a ride back on the Subway system... WRONG!!! we got the delicacies alright... and saw lots of people... but alas, it was after 5PM and one can only ride the subway with their bikes till 4PM.... Poor Tori, no other choice but to ride the bike back..
Got back at home a little after 7PM -- legs all wobbly from hours and hours of peddling... hungry... and most of all, all our asses were aching from the long ride... needless to say, we all do not want to be on a bike again for another 6 months or so.... WHEW!!!