Sunday, March 15, 2009

"the family that EaTs together..."

"...LaUgHs Together"

a visit in Manila is never complete unless I can take my family out for at least one meal... since my Mom is feeling better, I decided to get her out to the city for a bit of shopping and then dinner at SAISAKI, an BUFFET TYPE resto that serves Chinese, Japanese and Filipino food.... always a good choice with so many to please... we were joined by my nieces, Ameera & Nicole, my cousin Nanay, my half brother Cholo, and Kuya Ric... sadly, my nephew ace is missing as he is in the US at the moment...

As always, Ameera never fails to crack us all up with her stories and jokes... Nicole is always lost between texting and her iPod... and my half brother forever interrupted by his work, calling.... this time around though the thing that really cracked us all up is seeing my Mom come back to the table with a plate full of Japanese food and to my surprise, a BIIIIG BLOG of WASABI!!! Forgetting that it is her first time with Sushis, I asked my Mom, if she really liked Wasabi that much... to which she replied: "what wasabi? isn't this Green Ube (a Filipino dessert made out of TARO)?" Lols.... my nieces and I were rolling on the floor with uncontrollable laughter....
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Mary E. said...

Hi Rudi!
So glad to see that your Mom was feeling good enough to go out with all of you. Looks like you had some fun! I'm also glad that she found out it was wasabi BEFORE she took a bite. That could have been really bad. :)

wtsrudi said...

Thanks Mary!!! (*___*)
yeah, gud thing, indeed, that she did not take a bite out of that wasabi yet... hahahahaha