Friday, March 13, 2009

Jaded??? Me???

"And I feel bare naked
And I just can't take it
I'm getting jaded
No I just can't fake it anymore
'Cuz I'm bare naked
And I know life's what you make it
Wish I could float away
to some other day "
-Bare Naked - Jennifer Love Hewitt

as much as I hated being down with a bit of a stomach flu a couple of weekends ago - I was HAPPY about one thing.... with nothing much that I was able to do as I was basically bedridden - most of the time, I just listened to my iPod and just let all the songs play... then I got to this Jennifer Love Hewitt song from a few years back, Bare Naked.... I remember liking the song when it came out... and still feel the same way about it each and everytime I hear it...

Since I had nothing else preoccupying my thoughts while listening, I was able to really hear the lyrics once more.... sparked by the song - the mind wanders... and I start analyzing some recent comments about me by a couple of friends while discussing matters of the heart.... the one that sticks out like a sore eye is: "Rudi -- as you get older, you get more and more jaded!"


"Me! Jaded!"
I certainly hope not.... I tend to think of myself as someone who is still very optimistic in life.... passionate and actually tend to romanticized a lot of things... heck, why else am I crushing all the time.... I think that sometimes when I speak, people mistake my comments, coming from my realistic side, as one coming from a very jaded point of view...

yeah yeah, I have had my share of relationships -- both good and bad.... and I too have been hurt to a point that I should have given up on love... but it is just not the way I am.... just because I tend to just let life roll along and go with the flow, does not mean I have given up and just living day to day to day....

I still believe in LOVE and all that it comes with: hope, promises, happiness, sorrow, pain. And I still do CRAVE it with PASSION!


Mary E. said...

Rudi -- you are the least jaded person I know!! Trust me, I know jaded, and you are definitely not that! You look on the bright side of everything and see the good in everyone. :)
~ Mary

wtsrudi said...

Thanks Mary!!! Glad to see someone knows me better... hahahahaha But Honestly -- I do, I do try to always look on the bright side of everything.....