Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wedding Gown Blues

The morning was spent shopping for "this and that" - things needed for the wedding... a quickie lunch @ MOS Burger, and then off to pick out gowns for Lyn...I must say, as exciting as it is to go through countless of gowns - both wedding and evening gowns - to pick the right ones (we needed 2 White Wedding Gowns and 5 Evening Gowns), it is just as tiring and frustrating...
The Wu Siblings shop for NEIKU (undies)!!

A tired Bride to be, a frustrated Groom to be, and Director brother.

Of course, it was a lot of fun for David, Liya and I - as we just need to pull gowns after gowns for Lyn to try on... but for Lyn and Shaun - it must have been really trying as they just do not have that much time to spare... Good thing we were actually all in agreement for the most part... so 4 hours later and numerous gown changes we chose what Lyn will be wearing for the pre wedding photoshoot (very romantic clooks), and for the actual wedding (sexy and glitz galore!)...

Liya & I even found time to goof around in between gowns.

As a THANK YOU and a SURPRISE for us helping through the day -- Shaun took us all to see the MAYDAY's concert -- one of Taiwan's Premier College Bands... a nice way to end a very tiring day...



Mary E. said...

Oh my goodness, Rudi!! I do not envy any of you. I am not a big shopper as it is, but to have to get TWO wedding gowns and FIVE evening gowns would have killed me.
That's great that Liya was able to be there. She looks like she is loads of fun to be around.
Love all the photos Rudi! Too much fun -- but just looking at them makes me feel exhausted. :)