Tuesday, December 2, 2008

at long last...

....a new COMPUTER!!!! okay, it is not a MAC AIR or Mac Book...but really no matter... it is MINE and I LOVE IT!!!

Actually just an HP ELITE BOOK 2530P laptop... means nothing to me except that, it is FAST and easy for me to use... plus since it is a laptop, i now have the luxury of typing in bed... like now!!!! Still learning the ropes with this one... plus still, have many software to UPLOAD.... he (my computer is manly, of course!) is lite so will travel really, really well... the only drawback for me is that it has a built in WEB CAM - TEMPTATION, get thee away from me... am told that this is Business person's type of laptop -- so I might have to withhold doing YM, cam to cam.... HAHAHAHAHAHA....One of my roomies, SHAUN, who has connections got me this HP for less than HALF the going price.... Boy, working for the leading Taiwan newspaper really has their benefits... they get the BEST DEALS!!! As an added bonus - since it is almost XMAS, it came with this mini XMAS tree that has a USB connection and when plugged in, lites up in all it's XMAS GLORY! FUN!!!
So for now, I will not be having COMPUTER BLUES - I HOPE!!!!


Mary E. said...

WOO HOO!!! Congrats Rudi!! It looks great. The tree is really cute too. :)

wtsrudi said...

Thanks Mary!!! So far sooooo gud.... have yet to UPLOAD all the sftware though...waiting on SEAN to have some free time.... as you know, am TECHNOLOGICALLY CHALLENGED!!!