Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kawaii Ne!!!

Window XMas Shopping (am stressing WINDOW SHOPPING ONLY HERE!)the last few days during what little free time I have, I came across these really cool looking My Melody Vinyl Figures... Cute and Functional as they double as little mirrors, too! They are offered by HANG TEN, for the Holidays, along with a couple of Hello Kitty Coin Banks (in red or gold)... Of course,m I had to break down and get them...

Though I have liked the SANRIO stuff for many years now, I have always opted for the "not so pink" stuff... so these Goth Look works for me.... alas, the 3rd one in Pink is part of the set and one can only buy them as sets....

Anyway, all these Sanrio cuteness reminded me of the photos we took of the "oh-so'cute" Hello Kitty Waiting Lounge at CKS Airports' Terminal 2 - Taoyuan, Taiwan. I have never seen soooo much Hello Kittyness in one place... even more overwhelming than the SANRIO Shop I used to go to on Stockton St, in downtown San Francisco.

So I dug up the photos right away and UPLOADED them on Flickr - Hello Kitty Lounge, CKS.Below: The Actual Waiting Lounge


Mary E. said...

There is just something so cute about Hello Kitty and all her friends. They are adorable. I also have never been into pink -- and the goth items really catch my eye. Love that airport lounge. What fun!