Monday, October 6, 2014

Oh such simple pleasures that packs loads of delights!

Yesterday, Oct 5th, our little girl turned 4....   it boggles the mind how this could have happened... seems like she is just a little baby and BOOM... she is 4!!!  
Time really flies when one is having fun - and since she arrived on the scene, we have had a lot more fun...  Her personality is just so that she has always kept us entertained.... and if you are following me on Facebook, am sure you know that the two of us has become quite a pair when it comes to goofiness and having fun....  We make the most of each day we are together... and we always seem to manage and find something to do, rain or shine, and create our own fun!!!!  We share the same love for colors, toys, and music....   and this makes taking care of her a lot easier.... Thank God!!!
Amazing how I have seen this girl grow....  from being born...  to her first step, first smile, first word, and a bunch of other firsts!!!   And each day, she does or say something that amazes me....  even her comprehension and command of English still surprises me....  so many words am pretty sure a lot of others I know cannot even say - much more know the meaning of - but this girl picks up fast....  unbeknown to us until she utters them....  and she now speaks complete sentences in ENGLISH!!!  I for one am HAPPY that am able to help on this part - ut if you ask her - she will say: "I taught myself English!" - LOL!!!
I had a few things planned for her SPECIAL DAY - since Mami N Papi are both working, and GioGio is working in Italy,  I made sure I get her on her BDay - so as it will not pass without marking the day with any kind of memorable event....  so I planned.... at first I thought it was not to be so as she had a little bit of accident at her home before coming to me....   but after an hour's rest... she woke up with a smile and asked: "When can I wear my Sofia dress?"  Her birthday present from me.... Put it on her, much to her delight and she said:  "let's go out!  I want to show everyone my Princess Gown!"   Not sure if she is really OK already, I decided to just walk over to Dajia Riverside Park... get some fresh air and take a few shots....  She was in Heaven... acting as if she is really Sofia....
This was not enough...  she remembered my promise...  Hello Kitty Cafe for her 4th BDay....   since this was already on my schedule, and she seems to be doing fine...  off we went....   take the bus and walked a couple of blocks over to the Hello Kitty Heaven....  the whole time she is in full Sofia costume, high heels even!!!  Such a delight to see her happily stroll the streets in her costume....   savoring every minute of it....  Made the whole trek worth it for me...  it mattered not that the food was not really that great....   and a bit overpriced....  every minute spent, as I can see in Juju's eyes, was like being in her idea of Heaven!!!
The night did not end there... she is still energetic, raring to go... and wanted to still be walking the streets in her Princess costume....  so we walked a bit more....  stopped by a Temple to give thanks....  and walked to Breeze Center to window shop and take a few more photos....  Juju was in heaven, remembering I have taken her here before....  loved the Castle looking buildings in the backdrop so she wanted to take loads of photos.... and she even chatted up with a few passers by - in Chinese and in English - proudly explaing why she is dressed as Sofia, The First! 
Oh such simple pleasures that packs loads of delights!
Mission Accomplished! The day turned out to be as memorable to me, as it is for Juju....
  and for her 5th BDay - I already promised The Barbie Cafe... LOL!!!