Sunday, October 12, 2014


This week, I got to see not one... not two... but three - yes three movies!!!!   Not sure how I managed but in between work and taking care of Juju, I did - and I could not be Happier!!!
First film I saw, thanks to the FREE PASS, is the Taiwanese made film "Black and White".  Was reluctant at first as I was not too sure if there will be English subtitles but since it is an action film, I said to myself: "What the heck...  plot will be simple enough to follow>"  Though it really was, am still happy there was English subtitle after all.  And was quite surprised with the film - could totally rival those made in Hollywood in the Special Effects and Actions scenes.  Acting from the cast was good enough...   considering they did not have much to say.   Was overall Happy and Satisfied with the film, just cannot stand the addition of the "trying so hard to be funny" side kick / partner of Mark Chao...  could totally do without him....   he was not even funny... guess the writer was gunning for the same sidekicks seen in Hollywood Action flicks - but failed. 
Then on the 9th of this month I set out to see the premiere of DRACULA - my most anticipated film this year.  Weeks ago, I already decided that by hook or by crook - I will get to see it on the first day.  And with babysitting chores later in the afternoon - it worked out well that I went to the first showing.  Got up earlier than usual... did all my work... shipping and all.... making sure I make it in time for the film.  Lots of high speed maneuvering but totally worth it!!!
Not expecting much about the storyline, as most reboots does not live up to expectations nowadays - I was still amazed, enthralled and thrilled by the film.   I do not know anyone in the cast except for Charles Dance and Luke Evans... and that was just fine by me....  I was really there for the legend that is Dracula, the costumes, the cinematography and Luke Evans....   and those all got two thumbs up from me!!!   I left the theatre happy and with a hope that a follow up will be in the works! 
Third film is "Gone Girl".  This one I knew nothing about....   I agreed to go with the girls as I like most everyone in the cast plus I know if it's a David Fincher film, one is in for a ride.  And it sure was one helluva ride!!!    So many unexpected twists and turns....  and the Cast, every single one of them, delivered!!!!  Especially Rosamund Pike....   I was a Fan then - am a bigger Fan now!!!   It is one of those movies that is sooooo good, you would not mind seeing it again, and again, and again....   and not for the much talked about Private Parts of both Ben Affleck and Neil Patrick Harris - besides, in Taiwan, those scenes always end up on the cutting floor. 
So over all, this week, I have nothing to complain for - and much to be happy about!
Hope everyone else's week is going well.


Anonymous said...

yup money well spent on the second movie...