Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy Dec 1st!!!

Today marks the official start of the Christmas Season for me...  Not only do I get Giddy and Excited each time I see Christmas Decorations up, here and there, in my everyday journeys...  I actually go out of my way to visit Fave Taipei spots that I know will not disappoint and have a beautiful display...   
(Note: You can see more of my Christmas 2013 Snaps from everywhere by Clicking Here!)

The Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, in the Xinyi District, is by far my most fave place..   The are boasts one of the largest areas covered in Christmas Splendour, year after year!!!  All the Shin Kong Department stores are fully decked in Christmas - from the window displays to the inner decors.  The area boasts one of the biggest, if not the prettiest Christmas tree in Taipei.  And Cathay United Bank, year after year, manages to thrill young and old alike with their whimsical Christmas Wonderland...  This has been a popular area for picture taking for all, myself included!!  So stay tuned for more photos to come...

Today also marks the day I set up my Christmas Tree...  
No matter where I might be for this magical Day, I must have a Christmas tree...  
This year I did not load up all the toys, as I did last year...  Instead, I the time I started putting up the tree, I decided to go with a Rody and maruko-chan theme..  I have enough Premiums toys of these characters from both Hi*Life and Family Mart..  Plus Rody has been really making waves in Taiwan lately..  I even have tixs for  an Enjoy Rody exhibition happening this month!!!  Exciting!!!

So there you go..  If you did not know then, you MUST know by now,
I Love Christmas..  And am not ashamed to say so!!!
On a very SOMBER NOTE...  it was reported today that Actor Paul Walker died from a tragic fiery car accident.  He, along with a friend who was driving the car, both died from the accident.  Mr Walker and friend were on their way to a Charity Event in Southern California, to benefit the Yolanda Typhoon Victims. A kind soul through the end - he will be missed.   Mr Walker had just turned 40 - Truly, Gone Too Soon!    I see postings on FB and Twitter from some of his friends and his previous co-stars - all of them are in shock like the rest of us fans... and all of them had nothing but kind words for this humble, honest, talented and kind man!
Rest In Peace Paul Walker!