Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Come Out! Come Out!

Am sure no longer Breaking News for most, Fave Olympic Diver's Coming Out story has been dominating my FB newsfeed - with SEXY photos to boot..  So it is just fitting to have him on our HUMP DAY entry, right?
Really though, did this come as a total surprise???  Not so much for me..  Have been a fan since the last two Olympics he has been in..  The last one he truly made a Splash... Coming of age and being soooo comfortable in his own skin...  Literally,  as he wears minuscule speedos at every meet... No Objection here!!!  And call it "gaydar" or what not - there was just something about his posts that suggests it will be just a matter if tome till he comes out..  And here you go...

Honestly though, it matters not to me if he is Gay or Not..  He is a Talented Diver with a sparkling smile to boot ..  So am already, and will always be, a Fan!
Am sure the news just doubled the number of fans
who would love to kiss him under the mistletoe this XMas!!!

The one that came more of a surprise for me is the news of Maria Bello coming out this week, too!
I have been a fan of hers for quite some time now too..  Always thought that she is one of the best out there..  Underused and soooo underrated...  This woman can play Soft and Tough..,  sexy or strong...  Sophisticated or Trashy.. All with so much GUSTO!  So, this is another case where one's sexual orientation does not matter much...  Am A Fan Already!!!