Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pass On The Happy Pills Pls!!!

This is one of those days that I really wish there is a HAPPY PILL one can take...   I need one big time...  no, make that two!!!
Can't seem to shake off this cold that I have had for almost a week now....   I mean am fine in the morning but when the afternoon rolls in - am sooo drained of energy and everything feels sore....  then come nighttime - my head feels like it is pounding hard and ready to explode....  My sleeps have been restless the past few nights....  waking up almost every hour having dry cough spells....  and even having weird dreams and a few nightmares....  I NEED TO RECOVER - SOON!!!
Today, am babysitting...  no choice as no one else can come up and take care of Juju....  so I try my best to have energy with her and still entertain her - sadly, there were a couple of moments where I think I failed and my fuse just wants to blow...  instead I walk away and try to calm myself down...  I mean, how do you tell a child that you are sick - so please not much playing about today...  I feel bad even that I have no energy to take her somewhere - as she is accustomed to me doing... she just kept asking "where are we going today?"  to which I reply:  "stay at home for a change because I am sick"...something she does not comprehend, so she replies with "Why Not?" - over and over and over....  WAAAH GOD HELP ME!!!
Finally, I think out of boredom, she fell asleep... am having a downtime right now....  writing this and hoping that tomorrow, I am a much better so as we do not end up just being couped up in the house once more....