Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Am Sick... but so what!!!!

It's Monday once again... taking it easy as am still pretty much weak frombeing sick the whole weekend....  But as you know how I am, For Better or For Worse, I still managed to get out and about and not waste the weekend away....

Saturday was an Artful Afternoon... spending time at 1914 Huanshan Creative Park, taing in the new installations and watching some LIVE PERFORMANCES....   always a pleasure to be here - to check things out....  sadly it was drizzling the whole day and a lot of the happenings was outdoors...  might have contributed to my already growing cold....   still, it was fun!!!

Topped off the night with a Sushi / Sahimi Dinner... then DESSERT at Perfume Dance, a new popular Cafe in SOGO....   highly recommended and quite busy actually when we went - everything looks pretty and tasty...  sadly none of the feast for the eyes equaled to feasts for the palette....
Sunday was gonna be a lazy day....  too sick to do any kind of work or even walk somewhere....  but later in the day, Shaun, Juju's Daddy, invited us to take a ride to Jiaosi and dip in the luxurious Hot Springs of Evergreen Resort Spa....   did not need to twist my arm there...  Herbal Springs, Steam Bath, Rooftop Pools - AM THERE!!!!  Cold and all... besides, it can only be good for the cold, right?  If not, at least the spirits....
GioGio and Juju enjoys the Herbal Hot Springs!
Like having my own Private Pool!!!
And lifted the spirits up it did....  the place is quite nice... and having so little people around made it twice nicer...  at one point when the rain started falling, everyone else left the rooftop pool - so it was having my own Private Luxurious Pool....  it was Heaven, indeed!!!
One Happy Man - with a Cold and All!!!